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Meet the Team

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Lily Tabibian


Steve Goodman

Lily and Sean met at CalArts in 2002 where they both studied opera.  Lily and Sean quickly became friends where they shared their love for music.  They supported each other through the highs and lows and even though they didn't see each other often,  they talked frequently through phone/text.  They shared a love for bowling as well.  Lily wants to share Sean's love through this performing arts foundation where Sean was so passionate. She was fortunate to have Sean in her life for 18 years and she knows that he will always be with her.

Father to Sean Goodman.  Steve has been married to his wife Abbe since 1980 and the father to three sons, Sean (of blessed memory), Aaron, and Michael. Steve and his family currently reside in Santa Clarita California. Steve plays an active role on the board of the Senior Center Advisory Council and as a parent/supporter of the local Special Olympics. Steve is very grateful to all of his caring friends and family who have stepped up and dedicated themselves to keeping Sean's memory alive by giving back to the performing arts community in which Sean was so passionately involved in for much of his life. 

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Michael Jonas

Michael and Sean met at Valencia High School and spent time together in Theater Classes, Drama Club Meetings, and hang outs. They were friends for 18 years before Sean's passing.  While they didn't see each other frequently as when they were younger, they continued to stay in touch over phone/text , social media, and visits while in town. Conversations centered around music, movies, family, mental health , the challenge and necessity of living authentically, and on dreams.  Michael is happy that he has been able to combine his love for Sean and his passion and skills for nonprofit formation to honor Sean's memory, talent, and passion. Moreover he is excited that Sean's kind heart will be the driving force of the foundation; thus lifting up, paying attention to, and respecting artists who reveal to us their inner souls through performing arts. 

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